Flipkick offers Webcomum improved flexibility
with AWS Migration

"Flipkick's solution for delivering improved infrastructure architecture using AWS has tackled all of our technical difficulties. We now have more confidence in our supporting infrastructure and its ability to automatically scale to fit our requirements as our business continues to grow.”

- Fernando Félix, CEO at Webcomum

The Client - Webcomum

Webcomum provide their clients a full digital experience through services such as web development, design, branding and digital marketing. Having delivered over two thousand projects for nearly five hundred clients, Webcomum require flexible and reliable infrastructure to deliver their technical expertise to their clients.

The Challenge

  • Lack of computing flexibility with previous hosting provider
  • Increasing project pipeline
  • Infrastructure-related cost inefficiency
  • Lack of monitoring and incident resolution

Over the past 15 years of delivering digital solutions, Webcomum have noticed that their needs for computing power have been increasing at an accelerating rate. With more and more clients requesting their development and design services, Webcomum’s previous supporting infrastructure was no longer fit for purpose. Lack of dynamic scaling and flexibility, fixed costs, managing end-of-life equipment – all these factors were bottlenecks in their capacity to deliver increasingly complex projects.

The Solution

Flipkick have conducted an assessment of Webcomum’s previous hosted infrastructure and, after identifying numerous inefficiencies, have proposed the migration of the current configurations to AWS.

The devised AWS solution will be hosting Webomum’s applications and will enable autoscaling to adjust to the volume of application requests. The virtual infrastructure hosted on AWS also consists in application load balancers, a scalable file system, a cost efficient and resizable database, and a fully managed container registry for simple development-to-production workflows.

In addition to the above architecture, Flipkick provided bespoke value-adding activities such as support and training for Webcomum’s developers in the new environment, as well as supporting the migration of current infrastructure to AWS. Flipkick also offered managed services for monitoring the infrastructure to ensure that the virtual appliances will be operating at high performance.

To execute on the proposal, Flipkick have detailed a list of deliverables, outlining the architecture diagrams, scripts, integration pipelines, documentation and an estimated timeframe required to deliver the project. This clear approach has enabled Webcomum to plan and prepare for the migration, ensuring a smooth transition between hosting providers.

The Benefits

  • Autoscaling capabilities to ensure adequate computing power and to optimize costs
  • High (>99.9%) service availability
  • Optimization of virtual resources such as applications and databases
  • Privacy and security compliance
  • Infrastructure monitoring to ensure high performance and incident resolutions

Webcomum’s newly revamped infrastructure architecture brought tangible benefits to their development teams and end customers, while also lowering costs and improving availability. As Webcomum’s pipeline for development and design projects continues to grow, so can their supporting infrastructure, enabling their technical teams to work without bottlenecks caused by slow databases, insufficient memory or poor application load management. Even in the case of incidents coming up, Flipkick’s alert configurations and monitoring services will be able to mediate the situation and ensure operational continuity.

Flipkick’s clear and swift delivery of the proposed solution has enabled Webcomum to lift and shift their daily activities without disruptions. Leveraging a robust AWS environment for their development and design teams, Webcomum can confidently scale their business and be reassured that their infrastructure will follow.